Helpful stuff...

Heyyy don't worry petal, your flowers have just travelled a long way overnight with very little to drink or eat. We've added all the little bits of information you need inside the box to make your flowers chirp away like happy birds.

Droopy Flowers

They're okay, don't worry. Your flowers have travelled land and see with very little to drink. Quench their thirst with some fresh cold water, give them a little snip (2-4cm off the bottom of the stems) + they'll be happy in no time. Just refer to your little pink booklet for detailed instructions.

Squashed Flowers 

Flat box, flat flowers. Not to worry, they're just thirsty. Give them a vase of fresh cold water and they'll spring back to their feet.

Soft + Tired Roses / Tulips

Roses + Tulips love a drink or two, so give them some fresh water to perk them up. 

Rose Petals look a little discoloured?

Yeppp, we send our roses with their guard petals. Why? Well as the name suggests, just to protect your roses during transit. Now some people like the look of guard petals and others, not so much. If you happen to not like them, then all you need to do is remove those outer petals and voila! Good as new.

Damaged flowers?

In the unlikely event that your flowers arrive damaged, please contact us via email here or with photos and order number (if available) within 12 hours following your delivery. We'll get this issue resolved in just a few ticks so you can go about your lovely day.