Helping our future generations!

Helping our future generations!

We know the smallest of gestures can have the biggest impact. Simply just asking how they are, or bringing them a coffee to work in the morning is wildly appreciated. That's why we developed FLOWERFIX, because, you have no idea the battles people face on a daily and how a simple flower delivery could be all the difference.

Likewise, we get too caught up in life's challenges, and don't realise how much we need to be reminded that someone needs to care about us. That's why we champion self-care like no other. We built our little business on self-love, because in the end, your worth should be defined by YOU.

So, if you regularly order a "To me, From Me", we salute you for looking after you.

We're striving to make a BIG difference for our LITTLE humans.

We're lucky to have a world class healthcare provider in the UK, and sometimes they don't get the credit they deserve. To the amazing doctors, nurses, support staff, cleaners and attendants that make up our NHS, THANK YOU. As standard, we give 10% off to all our NHS Customers. But we want to do more. We're always looking to give back to our community. So if you have suggestions, we'd love to hear from you.

Our amazing healthcare service relies heavily on funding and well, we want to do our part. Each year we choose two causes to help from our small business. 

Did you know, over 60,000 babies are born prematurely in the UK. That's a 1 in 8 chance and over 900 children are treated every single day by this NHS trust.

As parents to two boys, this doesn't sit right with us. That's why we donate a percentage of all profits (no matter what you purchase or the value of the purchase) and we let you choose which of these charities you want to help.

So, we hope you'll join our battle to aid Ickle Pickles Children's Charity and Alder Hey

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