What are Letterbox Flowers | The Fix

What are Letterbox Flowers | The Fix

What are Letterbox Flowers? If you're asking this question, it's the first time you've come across this term. Right?

Well, let's give you a little lowdown. It's the new way to enjoy flowers.

Letterbox flowers, flat pack flowers is kind of a cool concept, sending flowers in a flat box designed to fit through your letterbox. Now, you're thinking, "but flowers are large, like roses, how do you get them through the door" and "are letterbox flowers any good?"

We source beautiful flowers in bud form (meaning they're yet to bloom). This means your flowers are fresher than anywhere else, like the high street, supermarket or your local petrol station. Our flowers are delivered from the farm to us, and then to you within 48 hours! Mind blown? Now, this is where your creativity comes in. Like a DIY kit, all you need is a vase, some fresh water and a pair of really sharp scissors then let your juices flow. You get to enjoy arranging them and watch them bloom for days on end.

We're not the first, or last letterbox flower delivery service, but we are on a mission to be the best. 

Okay, but what makes you different, why bother? Bet you're fun at parties *tongue out emoji*. You ask all the right questions!

So let's start with the why. Simply put, we understand the stresses of the world, the things we endure and the pain we go through. Like you, we are human. We empathise with struggles of mental and physical health, this is where working with flowers really changed my life.

I struggled with Post Natal Depression, severely, it was here I found "Flower Therapy". Floristry was my passion, but until then I saw it as my career. But boy, was I glad I discovered Flower Therapy. This helped me channel positive thoughts throughout the darkest times of my life. I knew that I had to bring something, that adds value to lives and help others the way the way it did me. I mean, why should Florists have all the fun, am I right?

So, on to what makes us different. Well, we like to think we're somewhat fun and cheeky, like surely flowers should be joyful. It's not always about luxury or cheap, in the end it's all about lifting moods, bringing a moment to cherish so let's make it a great memory. And, secondly, unlike other services we've developed a special mess-free liquid that helps your flowers stay hydrated all the way to you. Shut the front door! That's why we have a Made You Smile guarantee. It's for your Peace of mind.

What this also means is, unlike other services, we can send you beautiful and unique flowers, that you wouldn't normally see by a postal flower service. When we said we want to be the best flower delivery service, we really weren't messing about.

So, where can I buy Letterbox Flowers?

Right here, on FLOWERFIX we have so many beautiful options, perfect to treat yourself or loved ones in an instant for any occasion. Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, just because gift and our personal favourite 'self love' flowers. Look after yourself first, we strongly believe in positive mental health.

Lift your own mood by joining our monthly flower club. Our no strings attached subscription service where you can enjoy beautiful letterbox flowers. No commitments, skip, pause or cancel anytime. Psst, you'll save a buck too!

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