Self Loving... Why Flowers make you happy... Pineapple and Pizza?

Self Loving... Why Flowers make you happy... Pineapple and Pizza?

Flowers make you feel better. No really it's proven by Science


Here at FLOWERFIX, we're all about self loving and promoting inner happiness cos it all starts with you.

We all live busy lives in a fast paced world and sometimes it's just a little too much. But that's okay, we're not alone. So how do we get over this?

We use flower arranging! Its our safe space, our get away for when things are a little more blue, than pink. But here's the beauty, there's no limit to how flowers will make your life that tad bit better. For some its the scent or the look or the way they bloom and for others it's the beauty of the colours.

A happier you, will be the best version of you.

So here's our five ways to wellbeing and how to be happier today:

1. Connect with others. Being around people you like or maybe even somebody new at the coffee shop is one of the best ways to promote mental health and wellbeing. Research finds that social relationships are critical for promoting wellbeing, so give that old pal a call.

2. A new Hobby. Learn or do something other than the norm, art, travel, photography, learn to cook, try new foods or plane spotting? If that's a thing, but your options are endless.

Who knows, you may have a hidden talent or just come across something you actually really enjoy. We're all guilty of being lazy in our way of life when there's a whole world to see. Our biggest regret is not travelling more, so we've made it a thing to take a trip every few months to refresh and keep our minds healthy.

3. Sports and Activities. Gone are the days where football is just for men and we're fully on board with that. Sport has no age, gender, colour so go on girls/boys get involved in the sports you love to watch or have a feeling you'd enjoy. No biggie, do whatever makes you feel like a child again.

4. Do it differently. Living, working being around the same environment can make you feel unmotivated, feeling like every day is the same. Work, eat, TV, sleep and repeat day in day out? Right.

So when you're feeling a little tiresome, predictable and maybe need some excitement in your life, do something different. Dare yourself... Take a different route to work (Ooh you dare devil, you). No really, a change in scenery has been proven to help promote wellbeing and mental health.

5. Arrange some Flowers. Wander outside, find a few flowers, branches, green foliage or anything colourful, and put it together in a vase. Pop it in a place you'll see often, maybe on the bedside table. Let's start our day beautifully, full of colour and we're sure it'll bring a spring to your step.

Positive Energy and Flowerfix go hand in hand like pineapple and pizza! Tell me otherwise.

Let's make a plan, each day from today we'll do something new. Nothing drastic, maybe start with a walk to the shop rather than driving. Let's pick a healthy juice instead of the fizzy pop. On the way back home, let's give Bob a call (I don't know a Bob, but you might) and just ask how they're doing, what's new and catch up with old pals. It's the little things that'll make the biggest difference.

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