We really love playing with flowers, like really love it.

So, we're on a mission to make you love it too. 


Get to know us
Est. 2016

We started our flower journey with LK VERDANT in 2016 with the aim to make flower gifting a moment to cherish. Our iconic velvet hatboxes filled with seasonal beauties became a client favourite and lead us to working with some incredible brands. Featured in a variety of national and international media publications, we have humbly worked alongside some of the most talented creative directors, photographers, models and brands around.

It's here, where I became a Flower Fairy.


We love flowers here, there and everywhere in our home, place of work, just everywhere.  What we love more is arranging them, it's a fun and stress free part of the day. That's why we want to offer them to you.

We developed FLOWERFIX to do just that, beautiful fresh flowers for your home and workplace.

We choose beautiful fresh flowers each week, and post them through your letterbox. Our promise means that your flowers are the freshest they can possibly be, so that you get to enjoy them for longer.

The amazing thing is, you may not even have to be home! Your blooms will be posted through your door just like regular post. Cool right? We think so.

No silly contracts, just whenever you please.

Follow your guide and display your beautiful flowers to the world.

Our Florist's Pick - Letterbox Flowers - FLOWERFIX
Our Florist's Pick - Letterbox Flowers - FLOWERFIX
Our Florist's Pick - Letterbox Flowers - FLOWERFIX
Our Florist's Pick - Letterbox Flowers - FLOWERFIX
Surprise Me - Letterbox Flowers - FLOWERFIX
Surprise Me - Letterbox Flowers - FLOWERFIX
Surprise Me - FLOWERFIX
Surprise Me - Letterbox Flowers - FLOWERFIX
Surprise Me - FLOWERFIX
Surprise Me - FLOWERFIX

Our Florist's Pick


Our Florist's Pick Bouquet is re-designed every week, so they're beautiful for all occasions, whatever the occasion. We like our flowers wild + quirky and we're sure you will too. Beautiful flowers for your Home and for your Loved ones.

Psst. Our Florist is featured in Vogue + Grazia!

Enough talk. Let's get creative.


- Pink mail is Happy Mail. Flowers delivered to your Letterbox in our Beautiful eco-friendly packaging.

- At least 15 stems of in-trend flowers and lush foliage.

- Handpicked for Freshness

- Securely wrapped to get to you beautifully.

- We use a magic formula to give you longer lasting flowers.


x3 Primary Flowers (e.g. Roses, Carnations, Tulips or of similar value)

x3 Secondary Flowers (e.g. Calla Lily's, Sunflowers, Snapdragon or of similar value)

x3 Backing Flowers (e.g. Wax flower/buds or of similar)

x6 Lush Foliage (e.g. Seasonal Greenery and or twigs)

Sorry the vase is not provided :(


Tracked Delivery every Tuesday absolutely FREE. Promise.


We send you flower food and a "how to" booklet in the box. All you need is a vase, some water and a pair of really sharp scissors.


We send you a "how to" booklet in the box. We'll become flower fairies together.


Q. Will I know what flowers are coming up?

A. We've learnt from our customers that they LOVE surprise flower deliveries with a variety of the Season's best flowers.

Q. I can't arrange flowers to save my life...

A. Hunny, don't worry, we've got this together. We'll show you a few tips + you'll explore the magic in your fingers.

Q. Will the flowers come in water?

A. This is our little secret! We're the ONLY letterbox flower company who pack your flowers with care. We really don't need to, but for your peace of mind (+ ours), we use a magically formulated solution to keep your flowers fresher during transit.

Q. What type of vase do I need?

A. Whatever floats your boat, but we do recommend a vase with a narrow neck. Wide neck vases will mean your flowers will drop to the sides (we don't want that). Instead opt for something like the one we've displayed the flowers in.

Size: Approx. 15 - 25cm wide + at least 20cm tall (taller vase means your stems can stay longer)

The vase we display is 20cm x 20cm x 20cm (10cm neck).

Q. Why do you only deliver on a Tuesday?

A. We're just a TINY company so we're not really able to offer more delivery days at the moment. We buy beautiful flowers in bulk so we can offer them a lot cheaper than your traditional florist (oh and a lot fresher too). That's why we deliver every Tuesday... Besides Tuesday's are boring, so let's have some fun and watch them bloom all week!

Q. When do I need to order by?

A. We source the freshest flowers ever to arrive at our workshop every Monday. That means we have some admin to do on Sunday.

We need your order by Sunday, 7pm to guarantee delivery on Tuesday.

You can order your flowers for any Tuesday up to 10 weeks in advance.

Why Tuesday?

Nothing exciting ever happens on a Tuesday, right?

So, why not? Let's have some fun.

Flowers will change your life

Well it certainly changed mine.

There's something therapeutic about arranging flowers.
Take a break from the world, but mind the Pricks.

Smile more

Start your week right.

Fresh flowers for the week, it's bound to make you smile uncontrollably.


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