We really love playing with flowers, like really love it.

So, we're on a mission to make you love it too. 


Get to know us
Est. 2016

We started our flower journey with LK VERDANT in 2016 with the aim to make flower gifting a moment to cherish. Our iconic velvet hatboxes filled with seasonal beauties became a client favourite and lead us to working with some incredible brands. Featured in a variety of national and international media publications, we have humbly worked alongside some of the most talented creative directors, photographers, models and brands around.

It's here, where I became a Flower Fairy.


We love flowers here, there and everywhere in our home, place of work, just everywhere.  What we love more is arranging them, it's a fun and stress free part of the day. That's why we want to offer them to you.

We developed FLOWERFIX to do just that, beautiful fresh flowers for your home and workplace.

We've developed our offering, where
Luxury meets Affordability. No nonsense, proper flowers you can enjoy for weeks. 

We've seen far too many times where flowers just don't cut it, so our flowers, well... They look pretty but actually smell like flowers too.

We choose beautiful fresh flowers each week, and post them through your letterbox. Our promise means that your flowers are the freshest they can possibly be, so that you get to enjoy them for longer.

The amazing thing is, you may not even have to be home! Your blooms will be posted through your door just like regular post. Cool right? We think so.

So, what makes us different?

Well, for starters we use a MAGIC FORMULA created by our Expert Florist, keeping your flowers fresh throughout their journey.

Follow your guide and flaunt your beautiful flowers to the world.

We started on a Tuesday

We started with delivery just one day per week. On a boring old Tuesday, but now, we offer Tuesday, Wednesday + Friday!
So, why not? Let's have some fun.

Flowers will change your life

Well it certainly changed mine.

There's something therapeutic about arranging flowers.
Take a break from the world, but mind the Pricks.

Family Owned. Proudly

We're just a honest, little family owned business who believe in treating everyone like family.

Care. Given!

No half attempts, we pack our boxes to the brim with everything you need and more.

Your experience matters the most, that's why unlike others, we use a MAGIC FORMULA in our boxes.

Smile more

Start your week right.

Fresh flowers, it's bound to make you smile uncontrollably.


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